• All Students Will Be Required To Maintain A Professional Attitude And Conduct At All Times
• Always Be Punctual
• The Students Should Be Well Dressed With Attention To Hygiene And Cleanliness.
• Misuse Of Published Rules And Regulations May Be Grounds For Disciplinary Action Leading To Dismissal.
• Use Of Drugs And / Or Alcohol And Tobacco On The Academy Is Not Tolerated
• Foul Language Of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated And May Be Grounds For Disciplinary Action Leading To Dismissal.
• Help Keep The Institute's Environment Clean And Tidy.
• Think About Your Own Safety And That Of Others At All Times
• Be Responsible For / And Aware Of Your Own Actions At All Times
• Using Mobile Phones & Camera Are Strictly Prohibited In Class Rooms & Demonstration Rooms.
• The Fee Once Paid Will Be Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable.
However, Incase Student Is Not Able To Attend The Course For That Semester, Then May Postpone The Course Till Maximum 6 Months. Medium Of All The Programes Will Be In English. The Candidates Are Requested To Bring Proof For Their Nationality And Educational Qualification. After The Successful Completion Of The Programe The Candidates Will Be Awarded With A Certificate Issued By AHT Mentioning The Name & Duration Of The Programe They Have Taken. Any Change In The Course Is Only Allowed Within 3 Days Of The Course Commencement