55 Grams
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Sply. Capacity
1000 Pieces / month
Nt.Wt / Cont.
55 Grams / Piece

DR.DIVINE TRIBAL THIRI is a stick a form of prayogic dhumarpan used in ancinet ayurveda for the treatment of nose related problems as per ancient studies in panchkarma we use nasya a procedure for treatment of nasal cavity diseases like polyps sinusuitis and much more .and this thiri takes a place of nasya where the medicated smoke kills the bacteria and germs clears mucus layer and give benefit in braething.

and also nose has innervation of parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system so this stick smoke can be helpul in balancing the nervous system and gives the messsage to lungs for better breathing.

This stick is made up of herbs mentioned in old ayurvedic books. and these herbs are going to clear the nasal pathway. and also kills the germs and helps in breathing.