Booking Process
1) You may write to us by clicking here giving details of your medical condition and proposed dates when you would like to come for treatment at Ayurveda healing temple.
2) Our physicians will examine the medical details and give the tentative duration for which you should plan to come for treatment. Generally this duration can vary anywhere between 3 - 8 weeks depending on the condition and treatment required.
3) Based on the proposed treatment plan, we will give you a tentative idea of costs involved. The general costs are given at the bottom of this page.
4) You can then confirm a room for the desired dates by paying an advance amount of Rs 25000/-; this can be paid either through bank transfer or through Paypal ( or by filling in your credit card details here.
5) After receipt of the amount, we will confirm the reservation for you. Please note that until receipt of your amount in our account, your reservation will not be confirmed.
6) For any non-currency payments (like Paypal / Bank Transfer etc.), there are extra charges applicable (at actuals), as we have not included their transaction fees in our fees structure – the additional charge will be the difference between the actual billed amount and the actual received amount.
7) Please note that while we do our best to accomodate you on your preferred dates, there will be occasions when due to medical reasons, a patient may be requested to extend his/her stay due to which your arrival may need to be postponed. We do realise that this could cause inconvenience to you but we are sure you understand that it is only for medical reasons that such changes could happen and request your co-operation in this regard.
8) Similarly we do get requests for preferred rooms; here again, while we do our best to accomodate your request, we cannot guarantee the availability of a preferred room.
9) Sometimes we do have periods of the year for which we offer only double occupancy to accomodate all patients. Hence while making your reservation, you may communicate your preference and we will certainly try to fulfil your request. Generally the cost per patient per day in a double occupancy room will be at least 20% less than the cost in a single occupancy room.

Costs at ayurveda healing temple
What will it cost me for treatment at ayurveda healing temple?
Once you arrive into ayurveda healing temple, you will have two costs:  Accommodation and Treatment.
Your accommodation will cost US$ 45 per person per day for a single room, and this includes simple diet vegetarian food every day.  Alternatively, a double/twin share room will cost US$ 35 per person per day, also including simple diet vegetarian food every day.
Cost of your treatment will vary depending on the treatment you receive.  Within 7 days of your arrival, we will give you an estimate of cost of your treatment.  We advise that for treatment , you should budget between US $65 and US $110 per person per day in addition to your accommodation cost.  This Treatment Cost includes treatment, medicines during treatment and consultations, and would also include access to morning and evening prayers, satsang or discussions, yoganidra sessions, weekly community dinner and any other such programs that may be organised from time to time.  This estimate does not include cost of incidentals like laundry, telephone, internet, airport transfers, take-home medicines and other miscellaneous expenditure which will be billed at actuals.
This variation in cost of treatment is due to the treatments and medicines/oils used for each patient and the patient's need.  Based on the physician's assessment of the patient's condition, the appropriate combination of treatment is selected from a choice of more than 400 different herbs, more than 100 different medicated oils and 50 types of on-body treatments used by us.  It should be noted that there is a large price difference between these oils, herbs and treatments used by us.
Often, when satisfactory progress is presented based on both the patients and our evaluation, "hidden" problems present themselves (with the patient not even aware of them) after treatment commences, at which time the original treatment protocol needs to be re-addressed.

Please note - generally our physicians recommend that you continue medicines (internal herbs and external oils) for periods ranging from 6 weeks to even 6 months after you leave from here - this is based on your medical condition and to enable you to maximise the benefit from your stay here.

Some more useful information
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After you complete your reservation process by paying the advance amount and receiving the confirmation of reservation, you may then go to the patient page to get more information about how to prepare for your healing process at ayurveda healing temple

We are here to make your healing as comfortable as possible. Please help us to help you.