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Our Story
The Ayurvedic Therapies Are Prescribed By Experienced Ayurvedic Doctors In Accordance With The Condition And The Constitution Of The Patient. The Masseurs Are Well Trained And They Execute The Treatments With Perfection And Care.
The Common Body Care Therapies Include Those For Rejuvenation, Slimming, Stress Management, Body Immunization, Body Purification Etc. The Treatments For Arthritis, Paralysis, Nervous Disorders, Mental Tensions, Fibromyalgia Are Carried Out Here.
Ayurveda Specializes In Ailments Such As Joint Pains, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Diabetes, Spondylitis, Asthma, Neurological Disorders, Migraine, Partial Paralysis, Etc. Only A Personal Examination Of The Patient By An Ayurveda Physician Will Determine The Actual Diagnosis And Then The Course Of Treatment Is Determined.
Yoga And Meditation Which Form A Part Of Ayurveda Can Be Learned And Practiced. The Breathing Exercises And The Different Postures Help To Give Relaxation To The Mind And The Soul.
Why Ayurveda Healing Temple
We Will Put Some Lines For Our Centre That We Are Very Old Last 20 Yrs Old We Are Working In Ayurveda.