Mystic Belief International Foundation
We run educational/vocational training center for poor and co-operate to improve financial position of poor, indigent people for poor children for education.
Research development and promotion of spiritual science, mystic science, meditation techniques.
Provide skill development for marginal sections of society, including scheduled castes and tribes.
Skill development schemes undergone by the Government of India. 
Humanity and women empowerment.
To provide life saving drugs at lesser cost. 
To work for charity and service to improve health irrespective of gender,age,race,religion,caste and creed.
To help NGO'S and other regular suppliers of ayurvedic ,herbs and allopathic medical equipments and medicines.

"Ayurveda Healing Temple" was established with the mission of 'Healthy India' which can make Ayurveda treatment easier!
Now, "Ayurveda Healing Temple" has over 20 Ayurvedic doctors and support professionals who have provided consultations.
The "Ayurveda Healing Temple" is proud to bring to you a range of hand-picked Ayurvedic self-care packages.
Here you can discuss the treatment for your health problem on the phone and then, you can make an appointment!
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